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  1. Chemical Handling
  2. Handling Hazardous Chemicals
  3. Small Spill Containment of Hazardous Materials
  4. Dealing with Chemical Safety
  5. Unstable and Reactive Chemicals
  6. Irritants, Corrosives and Sensitizers

TITLE: Chemical Handling (1988)

Number: C.1.1a
Description: (2 copies)
This videotape creates an awareness of the potential hazards a chemical may present. Eight important rules of safe handling of chemical substances are explained in detail, and the behaviour of chemical substances is explored. Material safety data sheet, proper labelling, and emergency procedures are all outlined.
Time: Approx. 20 minutes
Manu./SupplierTel-A-Train/ Electrolab

TITLE: Handling Hazardous Chemicals (1988)

Number: C.1.1b
Description: The program discusses the four major classes of chemicals: - corrosives, reactives, flammables, and health toxins, as well as handling procedures and emergency measures.
Time: Approx. 17 minutes
Manu./Supplier: Savant

TITLE: Small Spill Containment of Hazardous Materials (1990)

Number: C.1.1c
Description: This video demonstrates proper clean- up and decontamination procedures of hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Live-action video footage shows workers preventive measures, such as proper storage of hazardous materials in the facility.
Time: Approx. 5 minutes
Manu./Supplier: Valley Video

TITLE: Dealing with Chemical Safety (1989)

Number: C.1.1d
Description: The physical form, dose, the risks, the hazards and methods of entry into the body are some of the subjects addressed in this video. Control measures ranging from elimination and substitution through the role of personal protective equipment are examined in detail.
Time: Approx. 15 minutes
Manu./Supplier: Safety Care

TITLE: Unstable and Reactive Chemicals (1986)

Number: C.1.4b
Description: This program identifies and explains the hazardous properties of these types of substances. Specific topics include polymerization and decomposition reactions, oxidizers and organic peroxides, water and air reactive chemicals, chemical incompatibility, and safe handling and storage procedures.
Time: Approx. 19 minutes

TITLE: Irritants, Corrosives & Sensitizers (1986)

Number: C.1.4d
Description: This program explains what irritants, corrosives, and sensitizers are and how they hurt a person. Specific topics include acids and bases, selecting the appropriate personal protective equipment, emergency first aid, dermatitis and allergic reactions, respiratory hazards, and safe handling and storage procedures.
Time: Approx. 20 minutes
Manu./Supplier: Howell/Electrolab